Glycolic Acid Wash

Looking for a way to get your skin clear, healthy looking and well toned? Consider using a glycolic acid product like a glycolic acid wash.

A glycolic acid wash will have some concentration of glycolic acid and will provide the many benefits that glycolic acid can provide, but without the inconvenience of heading to a doctor’s or aesthetician’s office.

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is part of the alpha hydroxyl family of acids. It’s a natural product derived from sugar cane and is therefore a fruit acid. It can be found in lower concentration, like a 3% concentration, or much higher concentration like the 30% you might get in a peel that is applied professionally.

Most products you can buy over the counter are found in lower concentrations, usually ranging from that 3% low to up to about 10%. The best concentration is generally seen as 8 to 10% for over the counter glycolic acid cleansers and wash products.

Glycolic acid provides a wide array of benefits to people with varying degrees of skin problems. Those with acne problems or very oily skin will find that the glycolic acid will work to soothe and mellow the skin, regulating the PH balance and clearing up the skin. Those with dry skin often find that the gentle sloughing of the top layer of the skin helps their dry skin hold a moisturizing product better.

Finally, glycolic acid is a great product to use for anti aging products. It can help to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

How can a glycolic acid wash be helpful?

If you suffer from acne or oily skin, a glycolic acid wash can provide what other cleansers or washes might not provide – a gentle clearing of the skin without drying it out. Many cleansers designed for those with oily skin or acne are often quite drying and that just leaves you with a different problem. Glycolic acid washes are gentler and often leave the skin soft, but not oily, and less prone to acne, but not dried out.

If you are looking for a product that will help with anti aging products, you might find that over a period of time (glycolic acid won’t work immediately for anti aging benefits, but over a period of time and regular use), your fine line and wrinkles are diminished. If you choose a product that also contains Vitamin A (Retinol), you are protecting the skin for the future as well.

How to use a glycolic acid wash

A glycolic wash is simply a cleanser that is made with a particular concentration of glycolic acid. As we mentioned before the ideal concentration is usually 8 to 10 percent. You apply a wash to your skin and let it sit for a period of time. Glycolic acid usually needs to be on the skin for a short period of time for it to be beneficial.

There’s also an element of massaging that’s necessary. Some glycolic acid washes will recommend that you massage the wash into your skin for up to a minute, some even more. The key is to follow the directions on the package, as different washes will contain different ingredients that will need different care and attention on your skin.

As with any skincare or cosmetic product, you might have to try more than one product before you find one that is ideal for your particular skin. One might have too high a concentration of glycolic acid and irritate your skin, while another might have too low a concentration and not provide you any benefits. Be prepared to follow the directions on any glycolic acid wash product you buy and be willing to make changes if necessary.