Glycolic Acid Lotions

When we think of glycolic acid products, we often think of skin cleansers and toners. But there are a variety of glycolic products that are good for the skin and some aren’t just for the face.

Glycolic lotions, for example, can be used on the face as well as other areas of the body that can benefit from them, like the hands.

Types of glycolic lotions

The most common type of glycolic lotion is of course for the face. That’s the area of the body that usually needs it the most since we often see visible signs of aging in the face before other areas of the body.

But you can also buy glycolic products that are for other parts of the body, in particular the hands. We often forget about our hands, but they also show visible signs of aging and taking good care of your face but forgetting your hands can actually make you look older.

Like other glycolic products, the glycolic lotions help to exfoliate the skin and reveal newer, younger looking skin. Many of the lotions for the face include a sunscreen and can be used morning and night.

The bulk of the glycolic lotions that are available are offered in small glycolic acid concentrations. Most common is a concentration of 10% glycolic acid.

How to use glycolic acid lotions

You can apply most glycolic acid lotions as often as twice a day, but there are some precautions. First, begin using a glycolic acid lotion once a day for a period of weeks, ideally at night. Especially if you are using the lotion on your face, you want to use the lotion just at night at first. Some people develop a mild reaction to glycolic acid when they first begin using it and if you do, the overnight period will give your skin time to adjust to the acid. Most reactions are mild and are nothing more than some redness and perhaps some itching. Usually you will have less discomfort the longer you use the product.

Use the lotion on your face each night for a period of weeks and once you know that you can use the product without too many side effects, use it during the day. Many of these lotions provide solid moisturizing benefit while the glycolic acid works its exfoliating magic. Use it daily under your makeup but no more than twice a day.

If you are using a glycolic acid lotion on your hands, use it at night at first as well. Rub it in well and don’t wash your hands after applying.

Why use a glycolic acid lotion?

Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliant that can make your skin lighter and brighter. It can soften and soothe the skin and help keep your skin younger looking. It also helps to combat acne and oily skin.

Glycolic acid lotions are an excellent way to keep this a glycolic acid on your skin and not be washed off. When they are combined with moisturizing properties and sunscreen, they also serve as multipurpose components of a solid skin care regimen.