Glycolic Acid Toners

You might have found yourself a great glycolic cleanser and a solid moisturizer, but have overlooked finding a glycolic acid toner.

Toners are often overlooked, but if you want to build a complementary stash of high-quality glycolic acid products that keep your skin healthy and bright, you are well advised to look into finding the perfect toner.

Why use a toner?

A good toner can remove any remnants of the cleanser that might remain and make your skin ready to take on any serum or moisturizer that you want to apply next.

If you want your skin to really drink in your moisturizer, using a toner will help your skin be perfectly clear and ready to take in anything you put on it.

Those with dry skin might hear “toner” and think that it’s just for those with oily skin, but many toners have soothing and moisturizing properties that make them ideal for even the driest skin as well.

If you have oily skin, a toner can be an extra layer of protection against oil and can also help your makeup to take to your face better. If your skin is very oily, it will often have a layer of oil on it after you cleanse and before you can apply makeup. The toner creates a better environment for makeup to be applied.

How to find a glycolic acid toner

If you find a glycolic acid cleanser that you particularly like, look further into the line of products to see if the company also offers a glycolic acid toner. That might be your best approach since many times the products are designed to work together. Your skin will respond to this coordinated effort.

If no toner is offered, or you use it and don’t like it, do some shopping for your toner. You will find that some offer ingredients to help your skin beyond toning. For example, some might soothe tired or irritated skin.

Some glycolic acid toners will offer ingredients that soothe skin that’s irritated by glycolic acid. Some, for example, contain aloe Vera in their list of ingredients. This can help to combat any of the irritation that can occur from the glycolic acid.

As with any skin care product, you might find that you need to try a few toners before you find one that really works for your skin. Be prepared to try a few before you find that one perfect toner.

Why a glycolic acid toner is essential

You might think hat if you use other glycolic acid products, a toner is just a toner and it doesn’t have to contain glycolic acid. The truth is you can’t get too much glycolic acid. That is, each product has a specific purpose and the glycolic acid can help fulfill that purpose.

For example your cleaner is designed to clean your skin. But extra ingredients that make your skin work even better can’t be a bad thing. So you seek out a cleanser that has glycolic acid because in addition to getting your skin clean, you might as well work to reduce wrinkles and fine lines too. Your toner works the same way. It will get rid of any cleanser (or makeup) residue and help to prepare your skin for any creams or serums you want to apply. Bu tit will also provide some beneficial element to your skin – in this case, a healthy dose of glycolic acid.

Adding a glycolic acid toner might not – at first blush – seem like a necessity, but once you begin using it, you might be glad you took that extra toner step.