Glycolic Acid Serums

For those looking for younger, fresher skin that’s free or dryness or acne, a glycolic acid serum just might be ticket.

Although glycolic acid cleansers and other potions are beneficial, and can certainly be used in conjunction with a serum, using a glycolic acid serum can be the finishing touch.

The glycolic acid skin care regimen

As glycolic acid becomes more popular, more and more products are becoming available to consumers. Previously, anyone wanting to discover the benefits of glycolic acid had to head to a doctor’s or aesthetician’s office to have a peel or other service performed.

You can still get glycolic acid peels and they are quite beneficial as well, but there are many at-home products that you can use that give you all the benefits of glycolic acid on a daily basis.

A complete glycolic acid skin care regimen might include a cleanser or wash, a toner, a serum, a cream or even a moisturizer that contains glycolic acid.

You certainly don’t have to use all the products to get a benefit from the glycolic acid and you can even overdo it. A solid program that includes good-quality glycolic acid products is beneficial to most skin types.

Why a glycolic acid serum?

A glycolic acid serum can be a compliment to a solid system of skin care. You might only use glycolic acid serums and no other glycolic acid products, or might combine the serum use with the use of other glycolic acid products.

One of the main benefits of the glycolic acid serum is that while most products must be washed off, you can apply a serum and leave it on. Your skin benefits over a longer period of time from the serum.

If you are truly troubled by your skin and you don’t see that the other skin care products you are using will work, a serum can provide additional benefit to your skin in a substantial and long-lasting way.

How to use a glycolic acid serum

If you have not used glycolic products before, you should only use a glycolic acid serum at night for several weeks before using it during the day.

After cleansing your skin, apply a light layer of the serum. Do this every other night for up to 2 weeks before doing it every single night. After you have used the serum every night for about 4 weeks, you can also apply the serum to your skin during the day.

If you experience any irritation, don’t automatically discontinue use. Some people will find that their skin is slightly irritated by glycolic acid. A little redness or itching is common, thought it should go away fairly quickly. Some experts recommend applying a light layer of moisturizer on top of the serum if you have itching or discomfort.

If you use a glycolic acid serum during the day, be sure to apply a sunscreen before heading outside. Glycolic acid can make your skin much more sensitive to the sun.

Why glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliant that gently sloughs off dead skin cells. Over time, glycolic acid can literally slough off the top layer of skin and reveal the younger, fresher skin beneath.

Because of its exfoliating abilities, glycolic acid is an excellent tool to use for its anti aging properties. It also helps to control acne and balance the skin’s PH.

Glycolic acid is a naturally derived product, so it’s usually considered an excellent choice for those who are looking for a natural solution to their skin care needs.